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Dear B.B.

We currently have a taxable income below the MLS amount for the number of dependents we have, but still have private health cover (top hospital and extras family).

Do we really need private health if no MLS will be applied, and our medicare levy of 1.5% is significantly lower than our annual premiums?

From K.Mc 


Your budget will be as individual as you are – because it’s all about priorities and what is important to you!

There’s no “Hard & Fast Budget Rule” about private health cover – if it’s important to you, then your budget must be adjusted to pay for it.

If your money is struggling to pay the costs – perhaps look at changing the level of cover.

Also, health funds are now paying for a diverse range of extras, many for ‘preventative’ measures. Exploring and using these possibilities will add a little more value to your private health cover.  I understand how you’re feeling – sometimes it feels like an unnecessary expense. You just have to weigh up what’s important to you and your family!



Dear B.B.

I’d love your advice on different money spending styles in a relationship.

We were meant to be camping at the moment, a nice cheap holiday. But my husband has managed to blow up my car by trying to install a 12v cable to the back. He is cranky at me because I wouldn’t then agree to driving 2 cars (we have 3 kids in carseats that don’t fit in our other car) to go on a holiday in a hotel for 3 days!! Apparently I have ruined his holidays.

‘Just put it on credit’ he says (grrr) Not to mention that fixing the car is going to cost well over what we saved for camping in the first place!! I know he doesn’t get much time off work, but I don’t want still to be paying for our 3 days away at Christmas!! HELP!!!

From M.H. 


Compromise! Compromise! Compromise!

I’m sure he didn’t mean to blow up your car, just as you don’t mean to ‘ruin his holidays’. Spending time together is more important than where you do or don’t go. If money is tight – then pitch your tent in the back yard (yours or somebody else’s) and start communicating properly about why you’re doing all this, and how to make sure it never happens again.

Plan to start a ‘shit happens’ account so that there is less money stress in the future.


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