Which of the 7 Deadly Budget Sins are you currently committing?

“There’s always tomorrow”…. how many times have we said or thought that? And in the meantime, we continue to commit one or more of the 7 Deadly Budget Sins….


  • Deadly Budget Sin #1: Lust

Being Focused on Short Term Profits, being distracted by opportunities that do not add to your overall outcome, not having an outcome. Getting caught up in a frenzy of Impulse Buying and buying things you don’t need/want, just to be able to show your possession status

  • Deadly Budget Sin #2: Gluttony

Trading your time for money, working in excess of 55 hours a week. Preferring to rack up debt on credit rather than saving for  what you want

  • Deadly Budget Sin #3: Greed

Focusing on owning possessions instead of cost and value. Wanting everything NOW despite the cost & not being prepared to wait till you can afford it

  • Deadly Budget Sin #4: Pride

Believing that you can afford everything and that you have no need to budget. Choosing to ‘not worry’ about the future

  • Deadly Budget Sin #5: Sloth

Being lazy about saving for the future.

  • Deadly Budget Sin #6: Envy

Wanting to buy everything that others have, not considering the ramifications of collaborating with those around you. Believing the fallacy that says “you can have it all”. Forever envying your friends assets & the things that they have.

  • Deadly Budget Sin #7: Wrath

Hating your Budget and not making it work. Blaming everybody but yourself for your poor financial situation


 If you find that you can relate to one or more of these situations, and you’d like to learn a simple way to make some positive changes in your life – call me!



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