Where’s your money going?

Have you ever wondered where your money goes? Does it seem to disappear into a black hole and even though you know you haven’t spent much, it’s just vanished?

Well, here’s a thought – go and have a look in your cupboards. Yes, that’s right – your cupboards – all of them. You’ll probably discover that whilst your wallet is empty – your cupboards are full.

Let’s dissect a couple of the obvious money-eating cupboards.

The bathroom cabinet/s: How many tubes of toothpaste are in there? How many bottles of shampoo? And how many of those bottles are still half full? How many razors, bars of soap, deodorants or jars of hair products can you see? Of course – the really big one – how many rolls of toilet paper are there?

I know many people who have a ‘toilet-paper-fetish’. One girl has a whole shelf in her linen cupboard to store the rolls that can’t fit into her laundry cupboard. Another family has 105 rolls. Now considering they only use 4 rolls per week, that’s a 26 week supply, which is six months! But they still keep buying it because “it was on special”. Let me assure you – there is a ‘special price’ on toilet paper every week. If you don’t absolutely need to buy it, then you are not saving anything. In fact – you are wasting money!

Let’s move on… your pantry. How many bottles of sauce are in there? How many tins of fish, fruit, or beans can you find? Can you count the packets of biscuits, cake mix, cereal, jellies and pasta? When was the last time you saw the back of the shelves? Put your hand on something from the back of the cupboard and check the use by date. Is it still current?

How many cupboards are in your house? How much empty space is in those cupboards? It’s quite ok to have empty shelves! The stores are not going to close down overnight. It is not necessary to have a mini-supermarket in your house unless there is a sign out the front that says “welcome to the XYZ Family supermarket”.

If your cupboards are in need of an over-haul, and you don’t know where to start – give us a call. We’re only too happy to visit and help.

© Carmel McCartin – Budget Bitch

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