Where’s the sisterhood?

We live in a time of paradox. We say one thing, yet we do another and one of the greatest paradoxes of our time is that of equality for women from women.

Let me explain….

This week, an older lady and I went to open a new bank account for a newly formed club. The bank we went to had a staff of three women. (no paradox there)

We filled out the appropriate forms, signed in the proper place and handed over the paperwork including our photo identification.

One of the forms asked us to state our occupation. My friend wrote ‘Home Duties’ because she has retired from the workforce. I wrote ‘self-employed’.

The bank employee then asked me to explain what I meant by ‘self-employed’. I thought it would have been obvious that it meant I worked for myself, but I duly explained that I was the managing director of a company.

That wasn’t good enough. I then had to explain what the company was called, what sort of business it conducted and how long it had been in operation.

Not a problem really – I love talking about the work that Budget Bitch does, and the results that it achieves.

But here’s the paradox – I had to account for my working life, in detail, yet my older friend did not.

When I realised that she wasn’t required to account for her Home Duties, I questioned the Bank employee why it was so important to know all about my work life. I was not to be the only signatory on the account.

The answer was simple – it’s what we’re required to ask of all applicants.

So I said – “I guess if I had just written Home Duties in the occupation section, I wouldn’t have been put through the 3rd degree about my business activities.” The bank employee agreed with me.

But she didn’t see the paradox – a female employee could blithely accept the activities of a female housewife, but not those of a female business woman.

Too often nowadays, I hear the cry that women trust women because we all belong to The Sisterhood.

I have no problem with the questioning of my business activities, but I don’t understand why the older lady was not put through the 3rd degree also.

Whilst it’s important to have equality between the sexes, it’s even more important to have it amongst the same gender.

Today, I felt like a 2nd class citizen in that bank. Where was the equality we hear so much about?

And therein lies the paradox.


©  Carmel McCartin – Budget Bitch

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