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Once again, I’ve used my Facebook page to share the questions that I often have to face. With different people there are always different answers ….

Budget Dilemma: It’s the end of the week & there’s no money left. I haven’t given the kids any pocket money this month and I think they hate me. What do I do?

M.L. – Explain to them that the roof over their heads and the food in their belly is more important than toys this month

J.P. – Spending time with them is much better than spending money on them!

L.M. – My daughter is only 3 so haven’t had to deal with the whole pocket money issue; but I think it’s always best to be upfront with your kids and tell them the truth – money doesn’t grow on trees.

K.A. – Money does not grow on trees! My husband has been in and out of work for the last 2 years our kids understand that they get presents when we give them, not when they ask. I found it hard at first to say no. Now I just tell them before leaving for the day that today I only have money for food; so no presents today. Saying no is getting easier every day and my kids still love me. The best things in life are free.

M.M. – My kids are teenagers so I look at pocket money now almost like an employment contract and I explain it to them the same way.  I expect them to do a certain amount of work around the house and they expect me to value their time and effort. I pay pocket money when I get paid, not as an afterthought at the end of everything else.

D.S. – Give your kids rewards that are not financial…. a trip to the park or beach; a picnic; camping outside in the backyard or a home movie night with popcorn. (My kids are 5 & 6yo… so I’m thinking along that age… but you could have age appropriate rewards for older children)


Of course, some of these responses have been slightly edited and the defamatory & inflammatory ones have been deliberately left out.  (because none of us need a law-suit)

One thing is for sure – Variety is certainly the spice of life!


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