What would they think?


Today,  whilst thinking about two things that will happen this month, both Easter and ANZAC Day, I couldn’t help but reflect on the reasons for these spiritual celebrations.

In both cases we have good reason to look back and be not only thankful for those who came before us; but grateful to those who unselfishly put themselves on the line so that we can live our lives today in peace and freedom.

And then I began to wonder if they would understand the ways of the world today. What would they think about the changing times and values? Could they even comprehend our desire to ‘have it all at whatever cost’ when all we’re talking about are material possessions?

The important thing for them was the fight for basic rights for all of us – freedom and the protection of our way of life.

The important thing for us is….

Well, only you can answer that for yourself. But let me ask you this …. Did they fight so that we could destroy ourselves?

In 2015 we celebrated the centenary of the ANZACS. Perhaps whilst you’re enjoying the Easter break and the ANZAC holiday, you could spare a thought for those who went before.

Just as we’re proud of what they did for us, ask yourself if they’d be proud of what we’re doing today.

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