What ‘the stars’ don’t tell you

We’ve become obsessed with brand names! There’s no doubt that manufacturers of ‘tried and true’ products have reliable products. We recognise their brand names as representing quality and excellence in the goods or services they provide.

In every area of the commercial world in which we live, brand names have become something to be used as status symbols. Not only do we see well known brand names everywhere but we hear people talking about them and judging others by the labels that they buy, use and wear.

We’ve also become obsessed with ‘celebrity status’ and advertising agencies have become very adept at using sports stars and television celebrities to enhance the advertising quality of their products.

It seems that there are no limitations to the products that are being ‘endorsed’ by these well-known faces. From cosmetics to clothing; and hamburgers to financial products – these ‘well-known faces’ are being paid to encourage the consumer to buy. The advertising is excellent and if you didn’t know better you’d almost believe that some of these people own the products they are selling.

But hang on a minute – how can these people manage to have a finger in all those pies when they have full-time careers being actors, celebrities or sports stars?

The simple answer is – they don’t. They’re given a script to learn, they say the words, and they get paid. The Macquarie Dictionary defines ‘endorse’ as “to give support to”. It’s a two-way street – the famous face endorses the brand name, and the advertiser supports the celebrity by contributing to their income.

For us, the lesson is simple. Do your homework before you make a major purchase – even if it is your hero who is promoting the product. Don’t become a statistic like the others who have been caught out.

(c) Carmel McCartin – Budget Bitch

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