Budget Planners

Regardless of where you live we are able to work with you

Depending on location and availability of consultant this will be one of the following:
  • A personal visit
  • A connection through Skype
  • A connection through NetMeeting or similar

What does a meeting consist of? 

Our Budget Planners are human – that’s what makes all the difference!

By undertaking the Budget Bitch program, you will know the exact moment when you’ve overspent each week. No more waiting for a bank statement to tell you! We will teach you how to get back the control of your money! You will understand how your personal finances work – better than you ever did before.
At your first visit you will get:
  • A visit from our consultant to your home or office.
  • A personalised budget designed for your individual circumstances.
  • Written action plan to put your new budget blueprint in place.
  • Written plan to get your debt under control.
  • Written short-term goals to help you focus with your savings plan.
  • Personalised folder to hold all your notes and plans.
  • There is NO fancy “get & forget” software to confuse you, because our budget planners are human; just like you. Our consultant will teach you how to manage your money effectively – without the need for a computer!

Cost – $250

At the end of this meeting you will:

  • Be able to see where your money is being spent.
  • Understand some of the reasons why you spend your money in certain ways.
  • Together with your consultant, have made a workable plan that will enable you to manage your money better.
  • Feel that you have more control of your money.
  • Know how to correct overspending.
  • Understand the value of savings and how to ’save for a rainy day’.

Value: Priceless

Follow-up visits (Optional) :

  • Will be tailored for your circumstances.
  • Will act as a follow up to monitor progress.
  • Are a good sounding board to ensure you’re on track to your goals.
  • Will not be required for everyone. Ask your consultant if they believe further follow up will be required or if you’re ready to implement your plan yourself.

Cost: Affordable fixed fee based on your income

Ongoing you will:
  • Have a personal finance/budget coach assisting you along the way.
  • Have someone to keep you on track
  • Have the benefit of an independent view to provide an honest appraisal of how you have progressed.

Value: More than priceless

Budget Bitch Pty Ltd is committed to ensuring that all services are affordable for everybody. If you would like further information regarding these costs please email – carmel (at) BudgetBitch.com.au

The success of the programme depends entirely on the willingness of the participants to take action for their responsibilities.

There are no ‘quick-fixes’ or ‘easy options’

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