How much have you forgotten?

Sometimes, when you open a paper or turn on a TV it seems that the whole world is in financial turmoil.  But we’re all feeling the pinch in some way – our incomes don’t seem to stretch as far as they once did.

Why has this happened? Is it because for so long we’ve lived in a world of ‘have it now and pay for it later’ that, amongst other things, we’ve forgotten how to be frugal?

What is ‘frugal’? Well, the Macquarie dictionary defines frugal as ‘economical in use or expenditure’ or ‘entailing little expense; costing little’. So let’s just break that down a little –

We’ve forgotten how to save water. How many loads of washing do you do each week? Is it really necessary to do that many? Do our clothes really get that dirty in a couple of hours – or have we just forgotten how to hang them up again. Is this something we can teach the younger members of our family?

We’ve forgotten how to save electricity. Are there lights on constantly in your house? What appliances are running all day inside or outside your house? Is it absolutely necessary to have them on all the time?

We’ve forgotten how to save on fuel. When was the last time you walked anywhere? How many times this week did you take the car / or drive to somewhere close enough for you, or your family, to walk to?

We’ve forgotten how to cook. How many take-away or pre-packaged meals have you had this week? How many times have you taken your lunch to work? How many times have you eaten out? It takes time to cook, and time equals money (we all know this), but if you’re spending all your money to avoid cooking (by getting others to prepare your food) – then the food budget may be a little out of kilter.

There are so many ways we can be frugal without dramatically changing our lifestyle, and these days there is no social stigma attached to the word ‘frugal’. It all comes back to that ‘B’ word (budget) and making sure that your lifestyle fits the income you earn.

While we can’t change the world situation we can make things better for ourselves and our families.



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