There’s a downside to upsizing

JUST in the past few weeks it’s hit me how much we live in a society that’s obsessed with upsizing.

With phrases like “get more for your money” and “bigger bang for your buck” we’re becoming conditioned to believing that big is beautiful.

Seriously, just take a good look around you and you’ll see what I mean… Upsizing seems to be everywhere and if you’re not sure where to start looking then take a trip to your shopping mall for a tea break or perhaps lunch.

Recently I met friends for coffee at a cafe. There were three sizes available — small, medium and large.

I love good coffee and intended to order a large one until I actually noticed the sizes of each container. The small was what I’d call large; and the large one looked like it held half a bucket.

I couldn’t have drunk it all in one sitting. I ordered a small and my friends were amazed. It seems very few people order one that size.

Then I looked at the muffins.

The price was good but the huge size meant that half would be wasted. I couldn’t fit all that and a coffee into me and besides, our break wasn’t long enough for the time it would take to eat the muffin.

Supermarkets have also increased the quantities on many goods. Have you ever noticed how big some of the things have become?

With the size of many cereal boxes nowadays, it would take over a month for two people to get through it all. That is, if their breakfast appetites haven’t been upsized to match.

And therein lies a large part of the problem with Australia’s sky-rocketing obesity levels – food packaging and meal sizes have grown and our waistlines are keeping up with the pace.

There are people who complain about spending more and more at the supermarket but I challenge them to look in their pantry. You might be spending the same amount or more each week, but you’re possibly eating more because of upsizing.

Of course nobody likes to waste good food — so we eat it instead. Whatever happened to the saying — “less is more”?

Have you noticed that we’ve upsized our vehicles?

It seems to be normal to use a four-wheel-drive or a people van if you have more than two persons in your family. Of course upsizing your car means upsizing the fuel you use.

And have you seen how the humble delivery vans are now being made an equivalent size to a mini-bus? Makes me wonder why, if you have to get a special licence to drive a mini-bus, the drivers of these bigger vehicles aren’t made to do the same?

Even the family home has been upsized.

We’re living in bigger houses, but our families are smaller. Living areas are bigger. So too are garages and sheds but many times we don’t have time to enjoy this extra space because we’ve upsized our social activities and are never at home.

Our wages are bigger than any generation that’s gone before, as are our debt levels, but our savings accounts are smaller.

We’ve upsized the opportunities for funding our retirement but how many of us take full advantage of them?

TVs, toys, lifestyles, the list goes on, but one thing that hasn’t upsized is the word length of this blog— it’s time for me to stop.


(c) Carmel McCartin – Budget Bitch


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