The power of branding

We’ve become obsessed with brand names!

There’s no doubt that manufacturers of ‘tried and true’ products have reliable products. We recognise their brand names as representing quality and excellence in the goods or services they provide.

In every area of the commercial world in which we live, brand names have become something to be used as status symbols. Not only do we see well known brand names everywhere but we hear people talking about them and judging others by the labels that they buy, use and wear. 

A young mother I know is so very proud of herself nowadays. She has halved her household grocery bill by shopping at a supermarket that sells low cost groceries. She says that by doing this her family is now ‘surviving’ and not struggling to make ends meet.

With the money she has saved on her grocery bill she has been able to buy her 2 year old son a new pair of Reebok shoes. He’d grown out of his other leather shoes.

The car needs new ‘shoes’ too. She plans to put the new tyres on the credit card and pay them off.

Now I’m not advocating that we shouldn’t buy “the best that money can buy”. I am suggesting that maybe we need to buy the best that our money can buy.

And maybe we need to get our priorities in order as well!




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