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Recently I received some information from about the amount of money spent on alcohol in Australia each year.

Now I’m not a wowser by any means. I certainly like a glass of wine with my evening meal. It’s not a must-have every evening and I don’t get fractious if I go without some days.

An evening out of wining and dining can certainly be an expensive exercise. Not only can pre-dinner drinks be a little pricey; many times the cost of a bottle of wine is equivalent to, or greater than, the price of the main course that you order.

With the drink-drive laws nowadays, it’s a sensible idea to consume alcohol in the safety of your own home and it’s certainly a much cheaper option. There are no end of bargain prices and sales in most liquor stores.

But think for a moment – when you’re budgeting for the meals you have at home, do you also include the drinks?  When you say – “I spend $300 per week at the supermarket” have you included the liquor department in that amount? Or is that something extra?

Do you allocate some of your budget for alcohol? If not, could that be one area that is blowing your budget each week?

The figures in this picture are staggering. They certainly add another dimension to the benefits of ‘Dry July’ or ‘Ocsober’. If your budget is constantly out of kilter, then perhaps a week or two without alcohol could help.

On a side note, a bottle of wine contains 635 calories which is 2657kilojoules.  If you’re trying to lose some weight or reduce your calorie intake, then don’t forget to count the kilojoules in what you drink as well as what you eat.

If a budget is a financially responsible thing to implement, then drinking responsibly must also be a part of that plan.





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