Sunday Dinner – a budget friendly option

The budget-friendly option



There’s no denying it – the cost of feeding a family can be expensive.

It all comes down to personal choices of what we buy and how much we eat.

The largest cost for most meals is the protein content. And it doesn’t seem to  matter whether we choose meat or fish; the price can be quite expensive.

For many Anglo-Australians, the Sunday Roast is still a favourite. However, I’m  finding that the cost for a leg of lamb, or a beef or pork roast is  slowly becoming prohibitive.

 One tip I learned long ago, was to buy only the roasts that have no bone. The  boned portion of the joint is quite heavy and I don’t need to pay for something  that we can’t eat. Of course, my dog loves it but that still makes for far-too-expensive dog food.

A discussion with family and friends brought an interesting point to light – they all love the roasted vegetables more than the meat component. They told me that most meats taste the same once they have gravy on them. And for many people gravy is just an important part of the traditional Sunday Roast as the vegetables.

So, I changed my ideas about Sunday Roasts and started using the humble meat-loaf. It’s inexpensive and nobody seems to have noticed much difference. Well, nobody has complained.

We can still have the meals we love; it’s just a matter of adapting to a more budget-friendly option.

Would your family notice if you switched to meat-loaf?


(c) Carmel McCartin –  Budget Bitch

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