Renovating can help your budget

Whilst we continually hear that the property market is big business across Australia, would it surprise you to know how many people are getting stuck into renovating?

One in four Aussies are planning to renovate their home in the next year according to a new survey by That’s a lot of plumbers, painters and carpenters needed across Australia so it’s a great sign for the buoyant renovation trade sector.

And more than half of all homeowners (54 per cent) have renovated in the past.  So are we really are a nation in love with the idea of renovating, or are we taking a more cost effective approach to improving the space in which we live?

With a plethora of renovation television programs such as House Rules, The Block and Selling Houses Australia, more homeowners are inspired to take the plunge in redesigning and improving their own homes. And let’s face it – that has to be more affordable than buying bigger and better than what you already have.

“Renovating is big business at the moment. Homeowners love to update, experiment and change their surroundings so there is always plenty of work around for tradies,” says CEO Jeremy Levitt.

He also said, “…the rewards will be in not only the satisfaction a newly renovated space brings, but in the (possible) monetary rewards should they be renovating to sell.”

Whether it’s one room or a whole house renovation, there are many considerations to make before donning the tool belt or placing a job listing for a carpenter. For help with where to start, see:

Statistics are from a recent survey of nearly 800 customers. (September 2016)

Whether you decide to do it yourself or get some professional help, don’t forget to budget for your renovation before you start. Always make sure that you have allowed a little extra for hiccups along the way.




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