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We’re playing Munzee

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B.B. Munzee

Find 20 Budget Bitch Munzee locations & Win

What is a Munzee? 

Munzee is a real world scavenger hunt game where items are found in the real world and captured using your smartphone.


How do I find a Munzee? 

Download the Munzee app for your smartphone and view the munzees close to you. The app will show you a map or list view of munzees as well as clues about that munzee and how far away it is.


We love this game so much that we’re inviting you to play with us….

We’re deploying Munzees everywhere we go, and by following our trail and finding just 20 of those locations, you’ll be a winner. (You’ll know which are Budget Bitch Munzees – they’re specially marked in the QR code)



Capture 20 Budget Bitch Munzee locations – you will win a copy of our book 1001 Budget Tips

Less than 20 – you’ll still win by having lots of exercise, fresh air & fun.


You’ll find regular hints & clues on our facebook page and in our monthly newsletter – The Buzzz


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