Piggy banks aren’t just for kids

Piggy banks aren't just for kids


With a reduction in interest rates and the lowering fuel prices, lots of people are telling me that they’re saving money.

That’s not necessarily correct.  Unless you’re putting the difference between the old price and the new price into a savings account, you’re just not spending as much as you did before. It’s not saving.

The extra money in your wallet is a good thing. It can give you a chance to catch up on some extra payments for your debt ie: your mortgage, credit card or personal loan.

It can also take the pressure off for a little while. I also hear lots of people saying that they’re struggling to make ends meet. I can understand that.  There is so much pressure these days to keep up with our peers when it comes to cars, clothes, houses and holidays. Is it any wonder that our bank balances groan from time to time?

Despite what we read in the media, I’m yet to see significant numbers of people who have some money in their savings account.

Actually, I don’t see too many people who even have a savings account; despite earning good incomes.

The simplest way to save is to start a piggy bank or a coin jar. Put all your loose coins in there and soon they’ll mount up. It’s an easy habit to begin and a piggy bank is not just for kids.

If you’d like to learn how to save a little more, give me a call. I’m sure that I can not only give you a piggy bank to get started, but can help arrange your budget to allow for an increase in your savings ability.



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