Next time I’ll go naked

Have you ever stood in a shop and watched while more than two people get served ahead of you? Did you wonder how on earth that happened?

Sometimes I think the whole ‘idea’ of ‘customer service’ is no more than just that – an idea. Because sometimes I think the people who are employed to serve customers may have only heard of the term and don’t have any notion on how to do that. 

Recently it happened to me so it’s no wonder that I was a bit ‘shirty’ by the time the salesperson got to me. And after observing the dress code of the people who were served ahead of me, I asked the obvious question – “if I was wearing a business suit, would you have served me faster?” The reply? – “those people have been waiting a while”.

Well, so had I – 15 minutes to be exact. And what’s more, I had watched ‘those people’ come into the shop while I waited my turn.

But this isn’t an isolated experience and it seems that too often these days we hear mutterings about the ‘lack of good service’.

A month ago I was looking for some hair accessories. I found one similar to what I wanted and took it from the shelf to examine it more closely. (I guess you do that when your eyesight dims because you’ve started to age) When the salesgirl asked if she could assist, I gave her a more specific description of what I wanted to buy.

Taking the item from my hand, she then put it back on the shelf as she told me that they didn’t stock the exact thing that I wanted.

Now, I was prepared to purchase that hair band. In fact, I had it in my hand and if the sales girl hadn’t stopped me, I would have just proceeded to the cash register and paid for it.

Obviously she didn’t want my custom. And when I explained that I had intended to buy, she looked at me blankly. She turned on her heel and left. And I did the same. No sale there!

So, right at this point in time you’d be waiting for my next line to start with “in my day…” but the cold hard fact is that there’s no such thing. ‘My day’ is now! And there’s such a myriad of things to choose from that it gets a little bit confusing. Surely we can’t be condemned for needing a little help in making a choice?

And isn’t that what ‘customer service’ is about? Helping the customer to make a decision to buy?

Of course, there are lots of sales assistants who don’t view the term ‘customer service’ as being like that of a servant. And they are more than willing to assist their customers in making an appropriate choice. In those cases they are highly skilled and well trained in the profession of making sales.

You see, these days with so many things to choose from, and so many places to buy them – it’s not always a price issue that will bring the customers back. It’s the level of customer service.

And the businesses that understand this simple rule – “forget about selling products and deliver service instead” will be well placed to weather any storm in the economy. 

So, because not everybody wants to wear a business suit to attract attention, I’ve decided to change the way I look when shopping and in need of service.

Next time I’ll go naked.




Carmel McCartin – Budget Bitch

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