I can spend it myself, thank you very much!

Yesterday I discovered that the cord in my vacuum cleaner was cut – in two places. In one part, it was down to the bare wires and was an accident waiting to happen.

Considering the machine is only 8 months old, I took it back to where I purchased it.  The female store owner looked at it, and told me that it had been chewed. Yes, with my spectacles on, I could see that.

I’m not sure how our dog has managed to do that; the machine is always locked away and he hides when it’s going, because he hates the noise. However, it must have been him because I certainly didn’t do it. Power cords aren’t quite my idea of a snack.

She said the repair man would be in tomorrow and he would look at it. She also said it was probably covered by the warranty. (really?)

So this morning, Merve the repair man rang me. The first thing he said was that it had been chewed and it wouldn’t be covered by warranty. Ok, I’m not going to dispute that.

Then he said that he had cut off the part of the cord that had been chewed and had attached a plug to the end, so that it could be used. The charge for that is $20.

Then he said that he would order a new part so that the whole cord could be replaced properly with the correct length. It seems it’s not just a matter of replacing the cord, the whole ‘retractor’ part needs to be replaced as well.

He told me that the part could be in on Friday of this week, and because he only works 3 days a week, it probably wouldn’t be ready till next Tuesday. That means we might not have a vacuum cleaner for a week. Who cares? – Not me. Never let it be said that I’m in a rush to do the housework.

So my question is this – if the vacuum cleaner is to sit in the shop for a week, why do I have to pay $20 for the attachment of a plug that won’t be used? (Unless they intend to use it to vacuum the shop)

Merve the Maintenance Man has taken it upon himself to increase my costs by authorising a repair that I didn’t sanction and which will be unnecessary.

Now, I know it’s only $20 – but it’s my $20 and I can think of other things to spend that money on; a new book, 5 coffees, or 2 metres of material to make myself a new outfit. (or the time it’s taken to write this post)

If I didn’t want to be frivolous with that $20, it would pay for 1 weeks’ worth of household gas; 1/3 tank of fuel for the car or one week of my phone bill.

Nowadays money seems to be tighter than ever, not just for the consumer but also for business. For all of us, it’s hard to get and keep.

And just as we, the consumers need to justify the money we spend, so too do businesses need to justify what they charge.

Merve has ‘assumed’ that I want my vacuum cleaner back NOW because I want to do housework. Pffft! We all know what assuming does – it makes an ass out of U and me!

I can spend my money all by myself – I don’t need Merve or anybody else to do it for me without my knowledge!

This story isn’t over – I’m about to visit the store…..


Carmel McCartin – Budget Bitch

And don’t forget – (The views expressed in this blog are the personal opinions of the author. Don’t rely on them to make financial decisions, you have to make up your own mind. If you don’t like the content – then either stop reading or send me an email)

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