How to get the things you want, now!

It’s great to be young, and working. While you’ve got a fabulous income turning up every week, you can buy everything you want

But one day, there will be something that you want and you can’t have it; unless of course, you’ve been putting some money aside for just this event. 

Usually it’s a ‘big-ticket’ item like a house or a fancy car that has a price tag over $40,000. And if you’ve been spending all your money each week, you just won’t be able to buy this thing that you believe to be a ‘must have’. 

Unfortunately for you, this is the time when you’ll need to prove to someone (usually the bank) that you do know how to save your money. 

Part of that proof is some hard copy evidence of savings. That means you must show the bank a real bank account where you have deposited a regular amount of money – and the money is still there! 

When it comes to proving to the bank that you have a good track record of being responsible with your money and can repay a loan – you actually have to show that you can and will keep a promise! 

For some young people, this time comes early in their lives, maybe between the ages of leaving school and turning 21. For others, it comes before they turn 30. 

And for the rest of the young people – well, if it comes after turning 35, then its better late than never. 

If ever there was a time to learn how to budget – it’s now!

You just never know when you’re going to want something that you don’t immediately have the money for.


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