Happy New Financial Year

It’s July! And the start of a New Year! Well, it’s the beginning of a New Financial Year and hopefully, we can all put the financial woes from the past year behind us and focus on making this next year the best one ever.

If it really is the start of a New Year, then we’re sure to be looking forward to making all those New Year Resolutions again. (Remember? The ones you made on December 31st) If you forgot to do it six months ago, then now is a perfect opportunity to make a fresh start and put some plans in place.

Apparently, more than 70% of new year resolutions are financial ones – you know the sort – get the finances in shape, stop spending so much money, clear the credit card, start a savings account etc etc. And with 92% of all resolutions failing – there’s a lot of room for improvement.

I know somebody who is always saying that he’ll make his financial New Year promises in July, and then when July comes he says he’ll be ready by January and so on…. by the time the end of any year comes around he’s never done what he says he will and wonders why he is financially always behind the eight ball.

Sometimes we can all be a bit like that – putting off the hard decisions and finding lots of excuses as to why we haven’t or can’t change something. It actually takes more energy to find a plausible reason for not doing something, than it does to do what we’re trying to avoid.

In the meantime – The only way you’ll have a happy year, financially – is if you do something to make it happier.

The simplest way – is to organise a budget!

Happy New Financial Year!



(c) Carmel McCartin –  Budget Bitch

And don’t forget – (The views expressed in this blog are the personal opinions of the author. Don’t rely on them to make financial decisions; you have to make up your own mind. If you don’t like the content – then either stop reading or send me an email)

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