The case studies on this page are real life stories from our clients. We have changed the names in these case studies to protect the privacy and confidentiality of our clients and their financial information. The testimonials below are all from different clients who gave their name or initials and wished to be credited with their wonderful comments.

Read a little bit about how we help our clients, and what they say about us.

It all looks so easy, and like you said….it’s not rocket science!!!!  But why do people all seem to have so much trouble with budgets….!!!??? Part of me is nervous, part excited……!!!  It really is something that truly needs to be ‘gotten out there’…and the way you do it, the way you present the whole thing, makes it exciting and not terrifying ….far better than I’ve ever seen before!!!  I mean, look at me!!!  Never been so excited about budgeting in 58 years…!!!!  Good on you Girl…… keep it up….!!!

Cheers, – Sxx

We’ve lasted a month, which seemed a big hurdle at first, finished off the to-do list and will be ending the month well in front. Thanks for your help, it’s removed a lot of our stress. Mr.&Mrs.G

Case Study: Single Father and Co-Parent of Three Beautiful Children

Jeff is a single father who shares the care of his three children with their mother. As a business professional, he earns around $65,000 per year but by having a personal loan and a couple of credit cards as well as contributing to the financial upkeep of his children, he has been finding it difficult to make ends meet.

The crunch came when he got sick and was unable to work for a couple of months. He got behind in his loan repayments and before long he also owed money on all his bills. His family lent him money to catch up but the stress was making him ill again. It seemed like a vicious cycle.

Jeff rang Budget Bitch because he felt that things were out of control. With the help of a consultant he was able to get things back on track, and soon he began to accumulate some savings for a rainy day. With a proper plan, he was able to repay the family loans which meant he could enjoy spending time with them again.

“My husband and I often talk about the amazingly positive influence Budget Bitch has had on our lives.  We were never battling, but considering we had two full time incomes and not a lot of expenses, we were ‘wasting’ money.  Budget Bitch taught us how to set boundaries and budget, how to prioritise and set goals and we would not be in the position we are in today without her assistance.  The advice she gave us was so practical that we still use it today and will continue to use it to help us achieve our goals.

– Grace & Craig

Case Study: Single Income Couple with Three Children

Ben and Tammy are in their late 20’s, married and have 3 children. Ben works is a shift-worker and earns $68,000 per year. Tammy is the full-time home-maker, as the children are all below school-age.

Buying their first home was a major purchase that put their income under considerable pressure. Having three kids meant that they needed a reliable and safe car, so they had also borrowed money to pay for that.

As interest rates rose they felt that a noose was being tightened around their necks. Some weeks there was not enough money to pay for food and, as parents; they became used to ‘missing meals’.

By spending some time with a Budget Bitch consultant, they were able to see where their money was going and work out a spending plan to match their weekly income. Their consultant was also able to give them some personalised practical tips to help ensure their budget was manageable.

… We worked through my budget together and coming away from that it has just given me so much in terms of future planning and focus of my life (who would have thought a budget would do that?) – Belinda L 

Pay day for the month. Bills sorted, savings saved, no more money management needed for another month. Thanks Budget Bitch – GD

 Case Study: Family Looking to Set Aside Savings For The Future

Peter and Jane are just like most people they know – married, in their early 40’s, kids in high school. They both have great jobs and enjoy a full and active social life as well as ‘holiday’ weekends every month.

Their combined income is $110,000 and the only debt that they have is their mortgage; which they say is “nothing to worry about”. They have no savings in the bank, and their retirement funds are negligible.

Like most people – every week, the first thing they do with their income is to pay the mortgage. After that, whatever bills hanging on the fridge are paid and then they spend the rest. ‘The rest’ is food, fuel and whatever else they want.

Their motivation in booking an appointment with a Budget Bitch consultant was to set up a plan so that they could put some money aside as savings. They had no idea how to do this, and could see the value of getting help from somebody who was impartial about the way they spent their money.

Doing this has changed our mindset towards money. This is fantastic! ~ T & T

Our household was pretty awful at managing our money, but with the help of a 3rd party to help us understand how to build a proper budget things are now great. We used Budget Bitch who was invaluable help. Having a budget and having both of us understand why we needed to stick to it has made our life so much easier. Now we deal with money once a month, on pay day, and don’t think about it again, it is such a relief. – Dave

Case Study: Helping Balance The Spend and Save Personalities

Tracy and Robbie consider themselves to be “very good with their money.”  Between them, they earn a little over $90,000 per year and say that they work very hard for their money.

Tracy says that she’s the “best Budgeter in the world” because they’re always able to pay their mortgage and their bills on time, they only have one credit card and they make all their major purchases with interest-free loans. But they don’t have any savings in the bank.

They organised a consultant from Budget Bitch to visit after they’d had one of their regular arguments about money. Robbie felt that Tracy was being too mean with the finances by not letting him have access to any funds for pleasure activities. Tracy felt he was being a ‘selfish spendthrift’.

After a frank discussion about their finances and their personal feelings in relation to their money, they were able to compromise. Together with their Budget Bitch consultant they created a new budget plan that could accommodate both their needs, still pay all their bills on time as well as allow for some savings to be put aside for the future.

We can now save $900 a month thanks to the Budget Bitch – K & S

Our life is just getting better and better. I can’t believe it! ~ TB & SB

Case Study: Baby Boomers Facing Retirement

Helen and Maurice are getting ready to retire from work. In their mid 60’s they’ve worked hard, raised their family and are looking forward to spending more time in the garden and on their hobbies.

As Baby-Boomers, they grew up in a time before ‘superannuation’ became compulsory and only have $85,000 put aside for their retirement. Fortunately, this is enough to pay out their mortgage of $60,000 and they will both qualify for a government pension.

They say that they got caught up in the ‘live for today’ hype and forgot about putting something aside ‘for tomorrow’. Now, today, their ‘tomorrow’ has arrived – much quicker than they expected. Helen says – “when we were in our 40’s we knew we’d have to do something about our debt and our future savings, but that was 20 years ago and the time has just gone!”

Helen and Maurice booked an appointment with a consultant from Budget Bitch because they have never had a proper budget and now the government pension of about $235 each per week is very daunting.  With their consultant they’re now able to plan their retirement lifestyle.

Maurice says – “if we’d had a budget 20 years ago when we were working it wouldn’t have been too critical if we’d blown our budget sometimes. Now that we’re not working we can’t afford to blow it at all.”

I recommend Budget Bitch because she’s the only person I’ll let tell me how to spend my money! – H.P.

Case Study : When it’s time to stand on your own feet

Caroline is a young professional woman in her mid 20’s. She’s studied hard to achieve her dream job in the career that she’s always coveted. She earns a really great salary but never has any money left at the end of the month.

After travelling and working overseas she returned home with some fabulous memories and life experiences but also with a large debt to her parents. They’d had to assist with financial support whilst she was away.

In 2009, Caroline called in a Budget Bitch consultant because she wanted to repay her parents and get off the merry-go-round of over-spending and accumulating credit card debt. She said that it was time “to grow up and take responsibility for my own finances”.

By working with her consultant to set up a sensible working budget and to change some spending habits, Caroline was soon able to make some financial plans for the future.

In 2011 Budget Bitch was invited to visit again; just after Caroline had moved into a new house.  Saving a deposit and buying her own home was just one of the financial goals that she had set and achieved.

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