Don’t read this – unless you have a spending weakness

Everybody has a weakness. Sometimes it is obvious, and other times it is not. But it is there – a weakness for something; a weakness that no matter how much we try, it makes us give in and spend money on it.

Mine is books. I cannot help myself, I just love them. All sorts of books; all titles; and all shape and sizes. I’ve always had this weakness and it has taken me a long time to get it under some semblance of control.

Not so long ago I had an appointment at the post office. When that had finished and I was leaving, a cluster of books on the shelf caught my eye. Stopping to look at them, I realised that I didn’t covet these titles. But I did stop to wonder who I knew that would appreciate them as a gift. No name came to mind, so the books were put back on the shelf.

The next stop was a large department store. I needed some deodorant. And there, right next to the personal hygiene aisle was a display of books. I looked around, wondering if they had somehow wandered away from the book section. But no, they were there to tempt me.

I stepped around them and rushed to get my deodorant but I found my eyes being drawn back to the titles. Then I crossed to another department pretending to myself that I was interested in buying a lipstick. Really, I was just moving closer so that I could see what book titles were available for such a ridiculously cheap price.

I was quite determined not to buy one – but then I found myself scrabbling in the bottom of my handbag for whatever loose change I had hiding in there. Was it luck or was it pre-destined – but there lurking in the darkest corner was $4. It was just enough money to buy one.

I couldn’t help myself. I had to get one. Will I read it? You betcha! It’s not a title that I have read before, even though it was written twenty years ago.

Will I keep it? Yes – it will become part of my collection, along with all the other books that I have gathered over the years.

It is my weakness. I cannot help but look at all the books on my shelves and shudder when I see how much money I have spent on them. Buying books is not a regular part of my family budget, and if I succumbed, it could blow the budget every week. As a compromise, I have allocated a small amount each week which allows me a new book every month.

It seems that nobody is perfect – we all have a penchant for something.

What’s yours?




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