Don’t Hoard!

Oh dear! Every family has at least one hoarder!

I come from a family where there are lots! I even have a brother-in-law who literally has sheds full of stuff! He calls it his “CCIH” file. (Could Come In Handy). Some of the stuff is new, some of it is waiting to be recycled and the ultimate waste of money is when he buys something new that he already has in a shed!

People who hoard things have no idea how much money is sitting in a box, or a cupboard, or a shed. Chances are… they will never use whatever it is that is sitting in there! They probably don’t even know what they have any more!

Ask yourself why you do this? If it’s because you have too many empty cupboards and you feel a need to fill them, then maybe you need to get rid of the cupboards! (Maybe you really don’t need such a big house, if you have to fill it with things that you will never use.)

Be ruthless! Get rid of the hoard, reduce your clutter. Have a garage sale and make some money. You probably won’t be reimbursed the full amount of what you’ve spent for the stuff, but it might make you think about how much money you’ve had sitting idle on the shelves.

Ask yourself… “Am I going to use this in the next month? Have I used this or even looked at this in the past 12 months?”

You know what to do!

Do yourself a favour – clean out your cupboards and have a garage sale.


© excerpt from “Money Tips from the Budget Bitch – the book of don’ts” (tip 32) – Carmel McCartin


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