Do you truly enjoy shopping?

Aaaahhh! Shopping!

What a loaded word that is. It means so many things to so many people. For some it’s the ultimate pleasure. Others find it to be a necessary evil.

The Macquarie dictionary defines shopping as “the act of someone who shops” and also as “to visit shops for purchasing or examining goods”.

There are people who find shopping to be a wonderful pastime. They can spend hours and hours browsing the shops, looking for who knows what. Many times they can’t remember what it is that sent them out to forage and hunt – they just do it. And all the while they’re enjoying the activity as much as the sports fan who likes to go to the football, or the bookworm who enjoys a visit to the library.

It makes me wonder why some people like to shop while others do not.

In many cases it’s the female of our species that seems to enjoy this pursuit as a pleasurable experience. Have a look around the shopping centre and count how many men are sitting on the seats reading a newspaper. They appear to be so patient, waiting for their female partner who is browsing the nearby stores. (Yes, yes, I can hear you saying – “if you only knew”)

I’m also curious about the belief that ‘women are born with a shopping gene’.

If that is really the case, then I surely missed out. My mother and sisters all love to ‘shop’ and their idea of a great ‘girls day out’ always includes some time at a shopping centre. And when they’re travelling – they make sure to visit all the shops, regardless of the fact that many of them are exactly the same as the ones at home.

You should have seen them when we went to Hong Kong! It was at that point in my life that I truly began to question if I had been adopted at birth. Surely I couldn’t have been related to these women who insisted on visiting every single shop that was there? I don’t think we missed any of them, and to top it off, we almost missed the plane home because I couldn’t get them out of the shops in the airport terminal. They shut the doors behind us as we clambered aboard the aircraft.

Regardless of whether you’re a ‘shopaholic’ or not – here’s a couple of tips from my book Money Tips from the Budget Bitch to give you something to think about when you’re next having a shopping trip –


1.      Don’t go shopping to cheer yourself up when you’re feeling miserable.

Yes, I know… all the self-help books tell you to “buy yourself something nice” when you’re feeling down in the dumps. Well goodness me – there must be thousands of people out there feeling miserable every day. How much more miserable will you feel when you see the credit card statement at the end of the month?

You don’t have to go shopping. There are plenty of other things you can do. Try taking a walk, riding a bike, flying a kite. Perhaps you could try reading a book, doing some gardening, or maybe even just talking to somebody.

“Getting out of the house” doesn’t mean you have to go shopping.

Make a list of all the things you would like to do, rather than all the things you would like to buy.

2.      Don’t use window-shopping as a regular form of entertainment.

This will leave you feeling dissatisfied with your life and all that you have. You will begin to ‘want more than you can afford’. Sure, it might not cost anything to window-shop at this point in time, but the long-term costs can be horrendous.

There are many other forms of entertainment that cost the same in the short term but which have much more positive long- term benefits.


Whatever you feel about shopping …. When it comes time for your next shopping trip –

I wish all you shopaholics a happy time and for the others like myself – happy endurance test!

©  Carmel McCartin – Budget Bitch

And don’t forget – (The views expressed in this blog are the personal opinions of the author. Don’t rely on them to make financial decisions; you have to make up your own mind. If you don’t like the content – then either stop reading or send me an email)

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