Do you need an attitude adjustment?

Do you realise that there are only 50 days till the end of the year?

That means there are 50 days to finish what you started this year and to complete the goals that you set for 2013. (You’ve also still got time to start and finish something before the year ends)

Of course most of you will consider that it’s way too early to think much about ‘New Years Resolutions’. But is it really? You see, now is the perfect time to begin the preparation for achieving greatness in 2014.

It’s too easy to just blurt out the first thing that comes to mind in an alcohol infused moment on New Years Eve. The hard part is not only having a plan to do what you say you’re going to – but to stick to it. (For some people the hardest part is remembering what they said on New Years Eve)

According to some polls more than 33% of the population resolves to pay off their credit cards each year. But with figures from the Reserve Bank showing that mortgage, credit card and personal loans are up 71% from just five years ago, one wonders how much of this will actually be repaid this year.

They’re also saying that personal debt now totals 100.4% of Australia’s annual GDP – one of the highest ratios in the developed world. That’s a lot of debt!

A ‘financial’ goal is a great way to start the New Year. But, like so many of the other ‘promises’ that you make to yourself it’s easier to say them than to keep them. It takes a daily dose of dedication to change things for the better so why not plan now, to improve the way you manage your money in 2014.

Perhaps it’s time to re-assess your attitude to New Year resolutions .

You’ve got  50 days left to take action.

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And don’t forget – (The views expressed in this blog are the personal opinions of the author. Don’t rely on them to make financial decisions; you have to make up your own mind. If you don’t like the content – then either stop reading or send me an email)



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