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The way I see it? You’ve got 2 choices – either you do it, or you don’t

  Hello, I’m B.B.

Are you like many people who are searching for a way to solve all your money problems without winning the lottery?

Or are you like all the others who know how to manage their money but just want to do it better?

Either way, if you’re becoming frustrated in the search for the easiest and most affordable way to get some help, I may have the perfect solution for you…

Budget Bitch gives you everything you’ll ever need to become more financially competent, better in control of your money and still have all the time you need to spend with your family.

And it’s better time too… because you’ll be able to make sure there’s some extra cash leftover for treats and maybe holidays.

You don’t need any special knowledge of computers and we won’t ask you to fill in a budget spreadsheet.

And we’ll show you all you need to know, even if you have absolutely no special money skills!

How long does it take to learn the system?

Since it takes just one appointment to learn, you’ll have your very own personal budget up and running immediately. So in just a few short days, you’ll be saving money and making your money go further than ever … while doing something that is also personally rewarding

Take a peek at what other families have had to say about our program:

“I was really impressed with your simple, practical method for effective monthly budgeting. It would have taken months to read budgeting books and to arrive at the same point with our budgeting improvements that allows us to actively control our additional savings. You fast tracked months of learning here. Thank you” (M.R.)

“I really am very appreciative of the time you took to help me around 2006-8. It was the start of making better decisions and habits with managing money. ” (Scott L.)

“Budget Bitch has removed every piece of financial stress from our lives.” (DFG)

“Thanks to Budget Bitch I have the power / knowledge to update my budget to one that works without the stress headache! ” (Belinda L.)

In fact we are so confident that you can do the same, we’re inviting you to try it out for yourself, absolutely free!

No catch, no strings attached, no hidden costs! If we are unable to help you plan a budget, then you don’t pay!

“Anyone can learn how to control their money,
And that includes you!”

Your Budget Bitch appointment is specifically designed to make things easy for you.  And to help you save the extra money for all those special things you want from life, we have made absolutely sure that you will need…

  • No previous budgeting experience
  • No specialised money experience
  • No technical computer skills

So you see, we have really thought of everything to ensure the success of your new budget.

How to make an appointment


Don’t you just hate clicking on a link that says Budget Planner, and all you get is a crummy spreadsheet?

Our Budget Planners are human – that’s our difference!

Budget Bitch’s easy-to-learn budget system also eliminates the need for any complicated computer knowledge, or trying to make sense of a budget spreadsheet.

There’s no “get and forget” software involved here!

You work with a consultant at a time to suit you and your family commitments. You will learn how to plan a budget that suits your own individual circumstances.And most Budget Bitch customers find that the individual attention helps them to put their new financial plan in place easily and enjoyably. Budget Bitch really is a fun way to learn some new skills while you save money for your future.

Limited time for learning?

No problem – our unique consultant will make learning so quick and easy, you’ll be amazed at how soon your new budget plan will be ‘up and running’.

And the Budget Bitch unique system produces individual plans so effortlessly, that the need for complex, highly skilled computer experience is completely eliminated! (are you getting the idea yet? – you don’t need a computer!)

In fact – you’ll know the instant you’ve ‘blown the budget’ … instead of waiting for a statement to arrive from the bank.

At the end of your appointment you’ll be given your comprehensive and easy to follow budget plan in our unique Budget Bitch folder; containing everything you need to get your new plan underway.

This folder covers –

  • A personalised action plan to get you started for the coming weeks
  • A to-do list of things you’ll need to make happen after the appointment
  • A copy of your individual and personal  ‘must-have’ account figures
  • References for future contact appointments

We’re making people count…

You’ll never be left on your own

Every month you will receive your free copy of our newsletter; The Buzzz, which is full of budget tips, budget hints and other interesting articles.

By keeping you right up-to-date with what’s happening in the world of budgets these monthly updates help to provide you with a constant stream of good budget tips and other money-saving ideas.

Because a new financial plan can sometimes be frustrating and time-consuming, your consultant will help you to get it established quickly, smoothly and painlessly.

And the extremely inexpensive cost will be easily recouped within your first few days of implementation.


At the surprisingly low cost of $250, I’m sure you’ll agree that a Budget Bitch appointment is incredible value for such a comprehensive and unique budgeting opportunity.

Could there possibly be an easier way to start a better financially independent lifestyle? Without the worry of sleepless nights because creditors are hassling you all the time? (no more dodging phone calls)

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to pay your bills effortlessly – on time, every time? (no more hanging them on the fridge till you find the money somehow)

Isn’t it just the ideal way of learning how to start saving each and every week without sacrificing any of the necessities of life? In the comfort of your own home? With the assistance of your very own budget consultant?

I’m sure your answer is YES!  After all you’ve got nothing to lose.

Just imagine how much you and your family will gain!

Arrange your appointment now and start taking back the control of your money.

Don’t you deserve that?

“Having a budget is like having a GPS for your finances. You’ll always know what position you’re in!”

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